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More than 30 years ago the first Golf Club in South Tyrol was opened. It was originally a 9-hole golf course with driving range, and was a forerunner for Golf in South Tyrol. The developments that followed over the years testify this. However, Golf Club Petersberg is and will always remain the most important one: indeed, it is here that the pioneers of golf in South Tyrol started their careers.
The following are the most significant stages of this beautiful story:

1986 - 1988

The Thaler family entrust architect Marco Croze to start with the project of the course construction, while the clubhouse is designed by their friend and architect Walter Pichler, work begins in 1988 and by Autumn of the same year most of the work is completed. September of the same year 9 greens, the putting green as well as some parts of the fairway are complete.


September 1988: A group of 15 people together with the legal expertise of Mr Gianguido Isotti, who later became a member – establish the Petersberg Golf Club.
An agreement is reached between the Golf Club and Weisshorn AG, thanks to the experienced shareholder Rudi Rimbl. The agreement sanctioned is the beginning of a fruitful collaboration that successfully characterized the next 26 years. In December of the same year, the Club has 44 members.
The club founders are:
Joachim Dalsass
Juliska Pfaffstaller
Hartmann Gallmetzer
Helmuth Pfaffstaller
Werner Gramm
Hanno Mayr
Artur Thaler
Richard Clementi
Rudi Rimbl
Christian Solderer
Erich Thaler
Hans-Peter Thaler
Annemarie Thaler
Günther Thaler
Walter Pichler


1988 – 1989: During these 2 years, Hans Peter Thaler worked at “Golf Club La Rocca” in Parma and “Golf Club Garland” in Liguria, where he learned the basics for the future management and maintenance of Petersberg Golf Club.


May 1989: Inauguration of the driving range. The first teacher was Chris Mawdsley, who worked at the Golf Club for 7 years.

August 1989: Opening of the Golf Club as well as the entire 9-hole course. The Club has now around 100 members, and on August 13th the first tournament took place. Barely a year after, the Golf Club reaches 150 members, at that time, the maximum allowed number of members.


July 1990: President Joachim Dalsass retires. He is replaced by Hartmann Gallmetzer.

Following the very positive start, the Thaler family decide to improve the facility and during the summer months turn the club into a 18-hole course. However, since the routing of the additional 9 holes are located in the woods, the required permission takes longer than expected.
During this year the maximum number of members had been increased to a further 2002.


Beginning of the works for the second 9 holes opened on August 6th 1993. Then, South Tyrol had its first 18 hole Golf Course.


This year represents the first full season for the Golf Club. A year of many tournaments and some heated discussions between the Sports Commission and the members of the Weisshorn AG. They argued the fact whether to consider a golf tournament just a sporting event or a social event. The various discussions finally led to the withdrawal of the Sports Commission and opened some debate about golf as sport.


wurde Lehrer Chris Mawdsley durch Martin Turley ersetzt.


Erwin Kiem is the newly elected President and the focus is concentrated on the game of golf as a sport. This year the Club has approximately 370 members.


The Club is still evolving. In fact, this year is characterised by the course increasings its par 67 to par 71. During this year the first edition of the Club journal is published.


The Council is re-elected and Dieter Schnabel is confirmed as president.


After several years, Dieter Schnabel decided not to stand and Christof Hubert is elected as President, Isolde Edith as his deputy.


The course continues to evolve and retains its position in South Tryol golf.


After 12 years, Hubert Christof decides to leave the floor for younger generations. Horst Steinhauser is elected the new president.

The following Golf Pro’s were teaching here at Golf Club Petersberg full time:

  • Chris Mawdsley
  • Malcolm Harrison
  • Allistair Halliday
  • Martin Turley
  • Mike Sullivan
  • Anthony Jackson
  • Ben Mannix

and for the period of high season:

  • Vincenzo Innocente
  • Roberto Ranzo
  • Mario Ugo Pasini
  • Antonello Bovari
  • Romolo Napoleoni
  • Jeremy Twichett
  • Sean Bailey
  • Brian Cummings
  • Phil Tolley
  • Paul Platt
  • Marc Cayeux