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Pro Shop

In our shop at the Golf Club we have everything you need for the game of golf: shoes, clothing, woods, irons, putters, a large selection of balls, gloves and much more.

It is very important to us, to all those who want to buy new golf clubs, to get advice from a golf pro before choosing the model.

Unfortunately, it happens very often that players buy clubs on the basis of promises from sellers or on the basis of advertisements, forgetting that the most important thing is not the brand or model, but the combination of club head, shaft (plus or less flexible), length and lie (angle of the shaft with respect to the playing surface).
Our teacher Anthony has the necessary experience and also the necessary equipment to be able to do a professional fitting and to be able to give very important advice to players before choosing a new club.

In our shop we currently have promotions on:
Electric trolley: JuCad Drive SL in Titanium
Foot-Joy Shoes: 20% discount on all models currently in stock