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Golf Pro Ben Mannix


Ben was born in Liverpool on October 27, 1977.

Liverpool and in particular the world famous coast road to Southport (Links Golf) has many of the world’s best golf courses, literally one after the other over a 70km stretch.

It was here that Ben learned to play at the elite level and received his golf education.

From his first coaching experience with Alan Bradshaw, who taught him important fundamentals from the age of 12 so Ben could build momentum and a foundation for future success.

Ben spent 6 years from the age of 15 with Alan Thompson, who coaches many of Britain’s top golfers, amateur and professional, where Ben as a growing teenager learned the importance of bodily function. I built a swing to last and it gave me an opportunity to understand swing mechanics and principles for which I am still very grateful to this day.

When I turned pro I worked with Pete Cowen, the UK’s most successful coach to date, for over 6 years. Pete’s players have won numerous major golf championships, he has hundreds of professional wins to his credit and has coached no fewer than 20 of the world’s top 50 golfers.

Pete’s knowledge of biomechanics, muscle structure, natural strength and short game skills has helped me throughout my career not only to play at a high level worldwide but also to have a portfolio of golf knowledge that I use in my daily coaching.

With over 25 years of experience as a professional golfer and the knowledge I have gained from the above education, I welcome you to my golf academy here at Golf Club Petersberg.

If you are a professional golfer, an amateur or a beginner who wants to start playing this wonderful game, my academy is open to you, your family and your friends.

I look forward to welcoming you and helping you achieve your golf goals

Kind regards



If you want to contact Ben personally:

+39 333 216 6563