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Earth’s history live!!
a view into the interior of the mountains, into the world of stones. The gorge is the result of weathering and erosion..

Ten billion tonnes of rock were removed and carried down into the Etsch Valley. Now we can leaf through it as if it were a book.

The Geo-path trough the canyon.
Starting by the visitor centre in Aldein or the geomusuem in Radein..


A walk through the Bletterbach represents a journey in time through the Palaeozoic and earlier Mesozoic eras. 16 notice-boards at interesting locations along the path.

The Project GEOPARC Bletterbach..
Financed by Aldein Local Authority, the Nature and Countryside Department of the South Tyrol Provincial Government, the European Union and the Italian Government.


The project comprises the Forest Educational Path and the Geo Path, the car park, the visitor Center and some reorganizations at the Geomuseum at Radein.


Video from this archaeological site:


Visitor centre GEOPARC Bletterbach

from 1st may until 31. October, every day from 9.30 a.m. until 18 p.m.
Lerch 40, 39040 Aldein
Tel +39 0471 886 946,